Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer and Bellies

Mostly I capture our life on Instagram.
I read a few days ago that children are more confident and have higher self esteem when they are exposed to visuals of themselves as they grow and develop and age. As I was driving to my midwife appointment yesterday, e asked me a question and I remembered our family blog. I pulled it up and handed the phone to her. She had so much to say as she looked through the last 7 years of her life. 
Then I looked through the blog and was reminded of the power of journaling (yet again). 
Summer has begun and we are soaking it up. Swimming, going to the reservoir, reading, playing together, day trips, and play dates with friends. Lots of watermelon and late evenings. 
My belly is 40 weeks old.
Mr. J secured a part-time job at the children's school teaching Spanish, dance, and administratively supporting the director. He is also the unofficial get things done man on campus. The plan is to ease into a full-time administrative and teaching position in a year. 
I am still a technical writer for an international bank. I finished a year of being the Parent Community Council President (our version of PTA) and will be serving one more year. 
E finished 2nd grade and was baptized this year.
H finished kindergarten. 
Z will start all-day Montessori preschool/kindergarten in the fall.
M will stay at home with me and we'll figure out how to balance her needs and my work schedule.
Zeke and Lees are more properly trained and able to roam more freely on their shock collars (thanks uncle n8).
The bunnies re-homed.
We continue to simplify life and keep our limited resources focused on our top priorities.
I have to look back at the last year and a half as we transition and adjust to mr. j's disability and feel gratitude and pride. Our marriage has become our pillar in life. Our faith remains in tact and supportive. Our children are learning and growing and pitching in. And bit by bit we are building a new life look. 
I still have ambitions and desires of grandeur. I still want to do and be everything all the time. I also honor my limits and have more patience for results.

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  1. SO glad to hear an update on your family. Can't wait to hear more about your newest family member. :)