Monday, April 22, 2013

Mighty Wolf

5 weeks?!?!
Little man is already 5 weeks.
The time has clique-like flown by.
Every moment has been full of love and appreciation for the gift and miracle of life.
The love was transforming--one moment my soul was as it was and then the next it was inhabited by an additional tenant, filling every unknown empty space and creating even more love. And it occurred in a moment--I saw z enter this world and I transformed.
He entered this mortality 'floppy' (the technical term the doc used). His color was not good, the umbilical cord--a gentle noose, no breath and not responding. The NICU team was called and within 5 minutes all was well.
During my pregnancy we learned that my placenta was low-lying and I was a candidate for ER c-section during delivery. The edge of the placenta was too close to the cervix and rupturing a placenta can be a fatal bleed out.
So, I was heavily monitored during labor in case it ruptured. Well, it did rupture but z swallowed/inhaled the result of that rupture, damming my life-blood loss with his body.
When I saw him, I knew he would Phoenix-like survive.
There was love.
Instantaneous transformation--a soul filled and enlarged.
The NICU worked on him a bit and his tiny cries offered proof.
His aunt k envisioned him coming into life howling at the moon, and, ultimately, he did put his nose in the air, and howled a gentle, yet assuring, cry of prolonged mortality.
I received him with joy and happiness, holding his tiny, naked body until protocol interrupted.
He is strong, but not fierce.
Intense, but not demanding.
And prefers me above all else.
My wolf.
My Zev.
Our tiny little man.

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  1. I hadn't realized the birth had been so dramatic. I'm so glad you are both alright!!! Can't wait to give him loves in July!!