Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bias tape race track

h is at an age where she is learning and developing faster than i can provide stimuli. since I seem to be a nesting maniac and unable to physically move too much these days, i have resorted to a lot of hand-work (sewing, crocheting, etc). the good news is the pile of projects I have stacked up for that last three years is literally down under ten items. i do get the girls out at least twice a day for an activity--playdate, library activity, museum program, nanna's house, etc. sooooo, anyway! today when we got home from using nannna's serger, the girls raced into the front room to play while i worked on baby z's blanket and my hospital gowns. h always requests my fabric pieces and 'makes' things with them. today was no exception.

i love her ingenuity and resourcefulness!!

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